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02/12/2021 Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

In school today we were playing Christmas music and one sone someone asked to play was the song called Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by Michael Buble but when it was played a different version was selected by accident, the original by Darlene Love, I couldn't believe anyone would want to listen to the Michael Buble version after listening to that. The original is a brilliant song, I think the genre would be Soul, it has amazing vocals full of emotion and power compared to the flat boring Michael Buble version I think the original is far superior. Listening to Michael Buble's music it just sounds flat and empty and completely lacking personality, I don't understand why he's so liked to be honest.
Anyway while writing this I remembered that William Shatner has a christmas album so I also recommend listening to that because like,,, its William Shatner lol

ps. there is also a Mariah Carey version, I think it sounds pretty good (a lot better than Micheal Buble's version) but I still prefer the original

30/11/2021 Tonight, Tonight

For school I've been practicing the song Tonight, Tonight by The Smashing Pumpkins on guitar. I really like the song and its pretty fun to play, because I'm practicing the song I found the music video on youtube because its easier than using spotify
the music video is really interesting, its like a reference to old fashioned films specifically directed by one guy who the video even references (the ship at the end is called the S.S.Melies)

I really like the art style in the video, the airship looks fascinating and retro and I love the way the video looks like old cinema with very janky effects and cuts that you can see.

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